400-Pound Calf Thinks He’s A Dog

Calf Rescued After Hurricane Harvey Believes She's a Pet Dog

A 400-pound calf that was rescued from the floods of Hurricane Harvey is being raised by a family in Fulshear, Texas. The only problem is that this cow thinks it’s a dog. The cow, ironically named Harveigh, was first kept in the laundry room inside the house. But as he grew into a big cow, he now roams the house and follows the family dogs around.


Harveigh and Sealy can be seen jumping for treats

43-year old Tammy Canton said that the calf was born a few days after the hurricane hit their area. She was abandoned by her mother and would not have survived if she was left alone. Canton and her husband then set up a cot in their laundry room for the baby cow to sleep in. It was supposed to be a temporary situation, but it became her permanent home, especially after she had bonded with Sealy, the family pit bull.

“My husband found her standing in our flooded pasture,” Canton said.”Keeping her outside wasn’t an option at the time due to the flood and her not having an immune system,” she explained. “She was freezing and shivering. I grabbed warm towels and warmed her up slowly.”


Tammy Canton and Harveigh

Now, Harveigh and Sealy can be seen jumping for treats or cuddling together on photos that Canton posts of social media. Sealy is just one of the seven dogs that live with the Cantons, but they have a special bond with Harveigh. Canton also explains how all the time with these dogs has the cow thinking that he is a dog himself. Harveigh has also outgrown the laundry room and now lives in enclosure just outside of the house.

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400-Pound Calf Thinks He’s A Dog

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