Abandoned Dog Snuggling A Teddy Bear Finds Home

An abandoned dog found snuggling with a stuffed toy by the side of the road gets adopted

Earlier this week, a dog rescuer was driving through her local neighborhood in Montgomery, Texas, when she spotted something peculiar. She saw a dog sleeping by the side of a road snuggling next to a teddy bear. She found the dog on the grass between two properties. It wasn’t apparent if the dog was abandoned with the stuffed toy of he had taken it from the trash. But it was clear that that dog was lying next to the teddy bear for warmth and comfort.


An abandoned dog by the side of the road

“As I turned the corner, I saw him lying there with the bear,” said dog rescuer Kourtnee Blount, “It broke my heart. It was so sad.” Blount asked around the area to see if anyone owned the dog or if anyone knew about its owners, but no one knew anything. Some residents did report seeing the dog in the area for the past four weeks.


The dog was snuggling next to a teddy bear

Blount posted photos of the dog on Facebook and asked if anyone was willing to rescue him, and she was contacted by Destiny Swatzel, who volunteered to take him in. Swatzel drove to the area that Blount described and took the dog home to get him cleaned up.


The dog was adopted and named “Blue”

“While in the car, he threw up chicken bones, pieces of plastic, rocks and leaves,” Swatzel said. “He clearly had been surviving on the streets.” Later that day, a friend of Swatzel, Mary St. Dizier, saw the dog and fell in love with him. She adopted the dog and named him Blue.

“I cried,” Dizier said, “I knew he was staying with me.”

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Abandoned Dog Snuggling A Teddy Bear Finds Home

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