Ad Agency Allows Employees to Bring Pets to Work

Thai ad agency allows pets to be brought to their offices

In Thailand, there is an office that allows their employees to bring their pets to work. The offices of a digital advertising agency promoted their bring-your-dog-to-work policy in Bangkok. The work at the agency is very hard and most of its employees work odd hours. To help with morale and in trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, the company decided to allow their employees to bring their pets with them.


An ad agency in Thailand allows workers to bring their pets

“Since I already love dogs, it really made me want to work here,” said Thimaporn, 29, a digital public relations manager at the advertising agency YDM. Thimaporn took her chihuahua, Muu Pan, with her to work this week. So far, of the 200 employees at the ad agency has, 20 of them decided to take advantage and brought their pets with them to work. The policy was introduced 8 years ago by the agency owner Anankarat Kongpanichkul. It is the largest effort in making the work place pet-friendly in Thailand.


Studies have shown that pets in the office can relieve stress and increase morale

Several studies have shown the benefits of having dogs and other pets in the workplace. In 2017, a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health said that pets could help with stress at the office. Even those that didn’t bring their pets to work say that the dogs and cats help with building bonds with colleagues.

“Sometimes things can get chaotic, but it’s a good kind of chaos because it makes me happy and relaxed,” said Jitramas Watana-ug, an account manager at YDM.

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Ad Agency Allows Employees to Bring Pets to Work

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