Adopted Dog Saves Family From House Fire

Dog saves family that adopted him from a house fire

Last year, the Smith family rescued a dog from the Bastrop County Animal Shelter in Bastrop, Texas. It was a good dog and they effectively saved its life by taking it home. The dog was named Chrome and eventually the dog was able to return the favor. Earlier this month, it was Chrome that alerted the family to a fire that had started in their house. It was because of Chrome that the family was able to escape with their lives.


Chrome was adopted by the Smith family last year

Laure Smith was sleeping in her house with her two sons when she heard Chrome barking at around 1 am in the morning. She thought that the dog wanted to use the bathroom, but he was acting very peculiar.

“He stayed with me until I realized the house was on fire and then took off down our hallway to get the boys and helped the boys out and to safety,” said Smith, “Without Chrome, I think there would be no us today.” The family lost the entire home in the fire, but they were able to escape with their lives. In the meantime, the Smith and her family stayed in local housing provided by a local a local church.


Chrome with Laure Smith

“I let the shelter volunteers know what had happened with Chrome and that he was a hero and we all were texting back feverishly and saying, ‘Oh my God we got to help them,'” said Anna Watson, a full-time volunteer with BCAS. Smith said she never adopted a dog from a shelter, but as soon as she saw Chrome for the first time, she knew that she would bring him home.

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Adopted Dog Saves Family From House Fire

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