Adopted Puppy Turns Out to Be a Rat

Chinese man in shock after finding out his dog is actually a bamboo rat

A man in china was shocked after he discovered that the rare puppy that he got for cheap from a “dog dealer” was actually a rat. The man, who spoke to local media, said that as his pet began to grow, he began to have suspicions on the species of the animal. He felt that something was out of place as the “dog” was behaving weirdly and it didn’t run like an ordinary dog.


The man’s pet “dog”

So the dog owner took to the internet and posted photos of his pet on a Chinese social media website. It was there that he was told that his pet wasn’t actually a dog but a rat. More specifically it was a bamboo rat. The bamboo rat is a large rodent with big ears and short legs, similar to that of a guinea pig. It is commonly found in Southern regions of China, Burma, and Vietnam.


The dog is actually a bamboo rat

As its name suggests, the bamboo rats feed on bamboo and roots of other plants. They live in forested areas and they can reach up to 50 cm in length. The bamboo rats are actually a source of food in regions of China, and it can be found in markets as food. But the bamboo rat can also be dangerous as it carries a disease-causing mold.

Despite taking care the rat for months, the man eventually let go of his pet to animal services as he said he did not know how to take care of such a pet.

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Adopted Puppy Turns Out to Be a Rat

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