Apartment for Rent Requires Owners to have a Dog

An Apartment in Denmark is exclusively rented out to dog owners.

When it comes to getting new apartments, dog owners are always careful to find somewhere where their pets will be allowed. But for this apartment complex in Denmark, they are actually requiring their tenants to be dog owners. The building named Hundehuset (actually means dog house) is an 18-apartment complex where its tenants are required to be dog owners.


Tennants are required to be dog owners

“There is demand from some dog owners who are tired of there being so many places where dogs are not allowed,” said entrepreneur Niels Martin Viuff, the builder of the apartment complex. “We want to meet the needs of dog owners. Many are very lonely.” he added. The building is currently being built in Frederikssund Municipality on the island of Zealand in Denmark.


The apartment complex for dogs in Denmark

Denmark is known for its friendly dog laws and rules. The Danish Kennel Club is the largest association for dog owners in the world. It was also a strong proponent for the building of the dog-friendly building. The units at the Hundehuset will have many dog-friendly amenities, but there is a limit to the maximum weight allowed for the dog tenants. There is a maximum weight limit of 99 pounds per animal.

“We will be avoiding the largest breeds, so the apartments won’t be crowded with dogs. But if you have small dogs, more than one is fine,” Viuff said. He also said that tenants are also required to bring their dogs to see him before they sign their rental agreements.

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Apartment for Rent Requires Owners to have a Dog

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