Basra’s Cats Relax in Cat Hotel

Cats in Basra are kept safe from war in their own hotel.

When it is a time for war, the priority is to save the lives of people. But this priority means that leaving other things like belongings behind, and sometimes even the beloved family pets. But the cats in Iraq are being taken care of in their own special accommodations. Not only do these felines get their own hotel, but they have a hotel that specializes in attending to cats.


A cat enjoying his stay at the cat hotel.

The battlegrounds in Iraq have been very dangerous for people, and it hasn’t been kind to cats, which is one of the favorite pets in the country. But these cats are being evacuated from the dangerous regions and now they are spending time relaxing at the cat hotel in Basra.

The hotel is actually the home of veterinary student Ahmed Taher Maki found in the southern city of Basra. He turned his house into Iraq’s first cat hotel. To get a room at this cat hotel, owners are charged 5,000 Iraq Dinar for a night. The cats get their own little beds, regular meals, a playground, and even health checkups, and all this under 24-hour air conditioning.


The first cat hotel in Iraq

Maki said that he hoped that the hotel encouraged people to adopt cats in the city and that having the hotel gives owners a place to leave them when they go on vacation or have to leave the city. Maki also said that he always loved taking care of animals and the hotel was a chance to do that and get some income as well.

“Taking care of animals gives people a merciful heart,” said Maki, “The hotel is a noble thing and unprecedented in the south of Iraq and Basra in particular.”

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Basra’s Cats Relax in Cat Hotel

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