Black Panther Success Increases the adoption of Black Cats in Shelters

A benefit of the success of the film “Black Panther” is the increase in adoption of black cats.

The smash hit “Black Panther” has had an impact on many aspects outside of the film industry. Aside from addressing recent political issues, it has also been a cultural celebration for those with African descent. But an unexpected impact of the film has been how it has increased the number of black cats adopted from animal shelters.


There has always been a stigma with adopting black cats

For the longest time black cats have had the stigma of associated with black magic and witchcraft or being bad luck. While no one really takes these things seriously, it does prevent pet owners from choosing this particular colored cat from other felines. Studies have shown that the adoption rates of black cats have always been low. One study has even shown that even in cultures where black cats are not associated with the historical stigma, pet owners still have a tendency to choose lighter colored cats.


King T’Chala as the Marvel superhero “Black Panther”

“Black cats are two-thirds less likely to get adopted than white cats and only half as likely to be adopted as tabby cats,” according to PETA.

But because of the success of the recent Marvel Film “Black Panther”, more and more people are now looking to adopt these dark haired felines. The Marvel movie depicts the T’Chala, the king of African nation Wakanda, as the superhero Black Panther who dons an all black suit to emulate the black jungle cat. While there is no clear sign that shows that this is a worldwide trend, it is a step in the right direction to find permanent homes for black cats everywhere. People can expect more cats named “T’Chala” roaming around their neighborhoods.

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Black Panther Success Increases the adoption of Black Cats in Shelters

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