Blind Raccoon Has Two Kitten Bodyguards

Blind raccoon is guarded by two black kittens

For the past five years, a blind raccoon has been coming to this woman’s house in Illinois. This started when the woman noticed a raccoon that was blind or at least partially blind. Since then, the woman, named Eryn, been leaving a bowl of food out in her yard for the poor creature. But recently the raccoon has gotten more than just a bowl of soup every time he visits.


“His eyes shine bright green during the day. He is at least partially blind.”

“His eyes shine bright green during the day. He is at least partially blind. He walks into things. He is afraid of the wind, high grass, birds, and snow,” Eryn said, “He comes to our house for food early in the morning usually around 6-9 AM. He often returns for seconds and sometimes comes back for thirds. His bottom lip is missing so we feed him soft pasta noodles soaked in cream of chicken soup. We often cut up small pieces of hot dogs, ham, pork, etc. He refuses to eat canned cat/dog food.”


The raccoon appears with his two bodayguards

But recently, the raccoon has been accompanied by two small black kittens. It seems these two young felines have formed a bond with the raccoon. According to Eryn, these kittens would appear when the raccoon would come for food, as if by magic. They would accompany the raccoon while it eats and then they would escort the animal back into the woods. They really act like the raccoon’s own personal bodyguards, with each kitten guarding the side of the animal.

Eryn says that it’s so incredible, that you have to see it for yourself to believe it. That is one of the reasons why she captured an entire feeding time on video and posted it on social media.

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Blind Raccoon Has Two Kitten Bodyguards

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