Border Collies Used to Control Goose Population

Canines tapped to control bird population in Maryland

In Maryland, a town that has been invaded by geese is looking to employ a tried and tested way of getting rid of the birds. They will be calling on goose busters. These goose busters are relatively cheap and have low maintenance. They are also more commonly known as border collies. For centuries, these breed of dogs have been used to control the bird population of small areas.


Border Collies also known as “Goose Busters”

Earlier this year, the Ocean Pines Association voted to euthanize around 300 Canadian geese. This was done to help protect the local water quality. But the tactic angered the residents of the area, and it was also very ineffective. According to local news outlets, not only did it prevent the birds from entering the waterways, the birds also returned in larger numbers.


The dogs are trained to chase off birds from land and water

So the Ocean Pines Association decided to hire Maryland Geese Control. The general manager of MGC, John Bailey, said that the company primarily uses Border collie dogs that are trained to chase geese out of the water and off the land. Not only is it effective, but it is also a great way of keeping the birds away without harming them. Aside from using the dogs to chase away the birds, the company also removes their nests, and transports injured birds to a rehabilitation center and addle the eggs.

The border collie dogs will be patrolling the Ocean Pines area for the next two months, and each dog will be earning $625 a week. Border collies have traditionally been used to herd livestock such as sheep and they are very good at chasing after animals such as birds.

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Border Collies Used to Control Goose Population

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