Breweries Creating Beer for Dogs

Couple creates a brewery that makes beer for dogs

It all started when Steve and Megan Long’s dog, Rocky, started to have digestion problems. They were looking for solutions online when they saw that there was “beer” made for dogs that helped with their digestion. Since then, they were able to create their own company called Good Boy Dog Beer. The company sells three different beers in Houston and they serve in more than 20 restaurants and bars that cater to dogs.


Beer that is made specially for dogs

Steve and Megan were already in the bar and restaurant business in Houston before they made their first batch of beer for Rocky. After a few friends asked for their home-made beer, they realized it was a business opportunity. The brew is not exactly beer. It is a non-alcoholic beverage that contains healthy ingredients for dogs. It is called beer “because we use a lot of the same equipment a brewery does. We just skip the fermentation process,” said Megan.


Good Boy Dog Beer creates three different flavors for dogs

The couple’s company is not the only one that makes beers for dogs. Across the United States, dog breweries have been popping up for the past ten years. These breweries craft all kinds of beers and beverages for dogs. Good Dog Boy Beer ships their brew to other states and they plan to introduce a fourth beer beverage to their lineup.

The brews can be served on their own, or poured into dog food to soften it. It is very dog-friendly drink and it actually helps with the most common problems of dogs. A can of beer costs $5 but it is not meant to replace a full meal, but it can be added or served with regular dog food.

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Breweries Creating Beer for Dogs

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