Cat Goes Viral For Being Stuck on Telephone Pole for More than 24 Hours

A cat becomes an internet sensation after being stuck on a pole for more than a day.

Earlier this week, a cat gained online notoriety, when it found itself stuck up a telephone pole for more than 24 hours in Arizona. The cat, named Gypsy, had climbed up the pole and couldn’t find a way to get down. The pole was very high and the cat had a hard time finding a way down. The local media in Phoenix put up the cat on livestream, where it quickly went viral.


Gypsy the cat gets stuck up a pole

Most of the comments have been how the cat seemed to be very calm despite being stuck on the pole for a prolonged period of time. His owner, Jenny Hardin, said that she adopted the cat when he followed her home one day. She didn’t even know that the cat was on the pole until she woke up and saw Gypsy on the news. The owner said that Gypsy is quite adventurous and will go missing for days at a time, even weeks.


Despite being stuck, Gypsy seemed relaxed

People around the area tried to get the cat down by dousing her with a bucket of water, but she wouldn’t budge. It took a neighbor with a ladder to finally get the feline down. This time, Hardin was at the bottom to welcome back her cat and bring her home, where she can have more adventures in the future.

“I know him well enough that he could have jumped, and knowing him he probably would have but thank goodness he didn’t cause that it is kind of high for a cat,” said Hardin. “When he came down I was so happy.”

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Cat Goes Viral For Being Stuck on Telephone Pole for More than 24 Hours

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