Cat Has Funny Reaction to Being Told She’s Pregnant

Rescue cat has wide-eyed reaction after scan shows she’s pregnant

A cat named Ulla has gone viral because of her hilarious reaction to hearing the news that she’s pregnant. Ulla made a wide-eyed expression of surprise after finding out that she was pregnant during a visit to the vet’s office. In a post that has gone viral, we clearly see Ulla the cat react after being told that she would soon become a mother.


Ulla looks at her ultrasound

The Dyrenes Venner Animal Shelter in Nuuk, Greenland shared the photos of the cat’s reaction on social media last week. The priceless reaction of Ulla after the 1-year old tabby was told she was going to have a litter of four to five kittens is hilarious. The post was first put up on Facebook, but has since gone viral on other sites such as Reddit.

According to reports, Ulla was first brought to the animal shelter in April after being found wandering alone in the streets. She had been in the care of the shelter since she was a small kitten. Then last week, the staff at the shelter noticed that she had put on a lot of weight, so she was scheduled to have a check up with the shelter’s vet.


“You’re pregnant.”

“It was pretty amazing,” shelter board member Tone Frank said, “I’ve never seen a cat get an ultrasound. We saw little kittens in her tummy.” The Shelter has since posted that Ulla has also been adopted by a family and is expected to give birth any day now.

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Cat Has Funny Reaction to Being Told She’s Pregnant

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