Cat Named Dog is A Popular Fish Vendor

A popular fish vendor in Vietnam is a cat named Dog.

There is a very popular fish vendor in Vietnam, but it would surprise some people to know that the vendor is not human. His name is Dog, but that does not mean he is a canine. Dog is actually a popular cat known for wearing a costume while guarding some of the fish that he sells in his own little corner of the market.


A cat named dog is a fish vendor

Dog is a three-year old Scottish fold cat. Not only is dog a well known fish vendor at the Hai Phong market in Vietnam, but he is also famous on social media. Dog has an Instagram account with more than 70,000 followers. Most of the pictures that he posts are of himself wearing various costumes. His fame in social media also helps with the fish that he sells at the markets.


Dog in one of his costumes

Le Quoc Phong is the owner of Dog and he says that he never thought that his pet would garner so much attention online. He describes dog as “a friendly guy” and the feline “is quite popular at the market and everyone knows him.” According to Phong, he adopted the cat on a really hot day and found the feline panting like a dog, and that is how the cat got its name. Since then Phong has been bringing him to the market and dressing him in funny and interesting costumes.

“My goal is to make Dog famous,” Phong said. “I want to promote Dog in Vietnam for people to know more about our country.”

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Cat Named Dog is A Popular Fish Vendor

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