Cat Returns with Opossum on Her Back

Pet cat returns home with a baby Opossum on her back

Earlier this week, a cat named Blanquis came home one day with a surprise for her owners. She left alone but she came back with something. It seems that a baby opossum had attached itself to the back of the cat. Yessica Rodriguez from Altamira, Mexico, and the owner of Blanquis, was on her way to work that morning when she heard her husband calling out to her to come downstairs and take a look at their cat.


Blanquis the cat with an opossum on her back

“You have to come down here,” said Rodriguez’ husband, “Your kitten has an animal on her back!” And when she went down the stairs to look at her pet feline, there was indeed an animal clutching to the back part of the cat. After looking the critter carefully, they found out that it was actually a baby opossum. It wasn’t clear where the cat found it or how it got to her back, but she clearly didn’t mind having the baby opossum hanging on to its fur.


baby opossums learn how to cling tightly to their mother’s backis

According to Rodriguez, she reached out to a wildlife expert to learn about how to take care of the baby opossum. She said she would try to take care of the animal until it was placed under proper care. Blanquis, on the other hand, has already taken the role of mother for the baby marsupial. She has even been seen licking and bathing the baby opossum as if it were her own.

Opossums, or possums, are usually solitary animals and live in burrows. When they move, mothers will often carry their babies on their backs, and they learn how to cling tightly to their mother’s back especially when she is climbing steep surfaces.

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Cat Returns with Opossum on Her Back

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