Cat Standing Like a Human Goes Viral

These pictures of cats standing like a human goes viral on twitter

Earlier this week, twiiter user Luci Gosling shared a picture of her friend’s daughter’s cat named Frank standing on his hind legs like a human. Since then the post and the photo has gone viral. The photo has been shared and liked and Frank has even been photoshopped to standing in the most peculiar and hilarious places. Most of the pictures have Frank standing with a lot of famous people and a lot of famous scenes.


Frank the standing cat

Frank the standing cat has also inspired others to post about their own cats and how they stand on their hind legs too. But it was Frank that has caught the attention of most people online because of the unique expression on his face. Not only is Frank standing on his hind legs with his front legs dangling from his side, he also has a shocked and surprised expression on his face.


The post has inspired others to show their standing cats

“This is my friend’s daughter’s cat. His name is Frank,” she wrote on twitter. “And basically I think he should be trending #humancat.” So far the post has been retweeted more than 46,000 times and liked over 139,000 times. And it seems the fascination with standing pets has not been limited to felines. There have also been a lot of pictures of pet dogs standing on their hind legs.

Cats are known to be very flexible animals and standing on their hind legs is possible, although it does take quite a bit of balance to stay in the funny position for a long period of time.

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Cat Standing Like a Human Goes Viral

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