Company Has Office Kittens

This company has kittens in the office to play with employees

Working everyday in the same office, and doing the same things every day, can be tiresome and monotonous. So this office in Ohio came up with a great idea to break the monotony and give their employees something to look forward to when they come in for work. The office rescued two kittens and housed them in the office to be taken care of their employees.


Two kittens were adopted in an office in Ohio

The office is the finance and IT department for a transportation company in Ohio. They “hired” two small kittens to play in the offices all day. The kittens have several employees to take care of them, and in return, they keep their morale and spirits high. The kittens just play with boxes all day and that keeps them occupied. The felines were named Debit and Credit. Their daily mischief was posted on Reddit by one of the employees in the office building, and it quickly gained traction on the site.


The kittens were named Debit and Credit

“My building is small—there are only 6 of us. One of them is allergic, but she doesn’t care. The others stay in another building,” said a user named ‘carenl’, “They stay at the office at night (with a very sweet setup), and we visit them on the weekends for snuggling and playing.”

Most of the comments have been about how cute and adorable the kittens are, especially on the videos where they are playing. There have also been several inquiries if the office is hiring, just so that they can play with Debit cat and Credit cat.

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Company Has Office Kittens

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