Disappearing Act for Dog Owners go Viral on Social Media

Social Media craze What the Fluff fooling dogs into thinking their owners disappeared

Dog owners everywhere are getting into the latest viral trend called the “What the Fluff” challenge. The challenge is doing the old magic trick of disappearing behind a blanket or a towel. The pet owner basically holds a blanket in front of them with their dog in front. And they run away as it drops, making it look like they disappeared in front of their dogs eyes.

The what the fluff challenge has gone viral

It’s a simple trick that is usually done for kids, but it’s perfect for dogs too. Owners have sent in videos of their own version of “What the fluff” along with the hilarious and entertaining reaction of their dogs. Among the most viewed “What the fluff” videos are of the dogs that go wild and go crazy looking for their owners that have magically disappeared. Most videos also include the reaction of these same dogs as their masters return or reappear.


Owners fool their dogs into thinking they have disappeared

Some pet owners have also tried to do the trick with their cats. But the trick is less successful when it comes to felines. Either they know what is going on “behind the curtain” or they just don’t care what happened to their masters. Either way it is just as entertaining to watch. Also entertaining the videos of people that manage to screw up the trick, either showing the dog that they just ran away into the next room, or running into the wall or door frame. These videos are hilarious for an entirely different reason.

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Disappearing Act for Dog Owners go Viral on Social Media

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