Dog Adopts Kittens After Car Accident

Dog Becomes Mom For Abandoned Kittens After Car Accident

Sometimes when you lose something, you find that it was for a reason, even if the reason is not clear to you at that moment. This was something that a 4-year old poodle mix named Eve found out last week. The dog was involved in a car accident, and tragically, her puppies could not be found. But she would soon find out that she still had purpose in nurturing precious young lives, just not the ones you would think.


Eve with her litter of kittens

When Eve was hit by a car, animal rescue services were immediately called. While treating the dog, the rescuers noticed that she was lactating. But after searching the area, they could not find her puppies or any sign of them. Eve had broken her front legs when she got hit, and she was described as very depressed and sullen. She was taken to Cassie’s Place, an animal shelter in San Angelo, Texas. And that’s where Eve found a purpose in life again.


One of Eve’s kittens

While Eve was being taken care of at the animal shelter, she found a litter of kittens that was in need of a mother. She took to them almost immediately and the kittens found that she could be a source of much needed milk. The caretakers were more than happy to put the kittens with the dog. Eve found herself a litter to love and take care of. She was soon out of her depression and was a full time mother once again.

“She instantly took to them,” said Michelle Zrubek, the director of Cassie’s, “She loves the job and duty of being a mom.”

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Dog Adopts Kittens After Car Accident

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