Dog and her Mickey Mouse Ears Go Viral

Adorable Maltese and Papillon mix is an internet sensation on Instagram

Social media has been one of the most common platforms for pet owners to showcase their adorable dogs or cats. There have also been a lot of accounts that are “owned” by pets that feature pictures and videos of the pet. The newest internet sensation has been this 4-year old Maltese and Papillon mix from Tokyo, Japan. The dog has gone viral because of its large and fluffy Mickey Mouse-like ears.


Goma and her Mickey Mouse ears

The canine sensation is named Goma from Japan. The white-furred dog with her giant gray fluffy ears has garnered a lot of attention on social media website Instagram. The account has already garnered more than 90 thousand fans and followers. Goma, which roughly translated means “sesame”, is also known by her other name “The Mickey Mouse Dog.” The great big ears are a product of the mixed breeding of the dog.

Papillons are also known as a friendly and sweet dog. Its name actually means butterfly in French. They are called this because of their big wing-like ears and their friendly and colorful personalities. Maltese breeds are also known for their friendly personality, fluffy white hair and small stature. They are a very common pet dog for families with children.


Goma is a Papillon Maltese mix

The Papillon is considered to be a perfect pet because of their personality. They even get along well with cats. But that seems to be the exception for Goma, who has a fear of cats, according to her Instagram account.  But aside from her dislike of cats, the dog seems to have a lot of interests. Her Instagram account sees her playing in her doggy box, dressing up in different bandanas, and going on long walks in her stroller.

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Dog and her Mickey Mouse Ears Go Viral

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