Dog Drops Toy Over Fence So People Will Play with Him

Dog drops toys over fence so people will play fetch with him

Dogs are infamous for coming up with unique ways of getting people to play with them. It’s not just about the fun for them, but also getting the exercise and putting to work their instincts to run and chase. So they will do anything in their power for a simple game of fetch. A dog in Los Angeles has recently gone viral because of his ingenious method of getting people to play with him.


Riley hanging over the fence

The dog is a golden retriever by the name of Riley. Each morning, Riley hangs over the wall and drops his toy so that the nearest person is forced to play with him. Strangers can’t help but to come over and give his toy back, and this starts a game of fetch with the dog. So far, his clever technique has been working 100% of the time.


Riley drops his toys over the fence to get people to play with him

“This good wall-doggo dropped his ballo but fear not I returned it to him and thanked him for his service.” said twitter user Johnny Berchtold. The original video of Riley was posted by twitter account, WeRateDogs, who gave Riley a score of 14 out of 10. The post has since been spread and shared on social media, where it quickly went viral. Soon other people started posting videos and pictures of their own encounters with the playful dog.

“I met Riley earlier this month. We became best friends at Lemonade. 14/10 is right.” said one user. Riley also has his own Twitter account @ImRileyRoo, so he can actually be tagged in posts.

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Dog Drops Toy Over Fence So People Will Play with Him

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