Dog Finally Meets Vet That Saved Him from Severe Burns

Dog meets his vet that treated him in an emotional reunion

Last year, Smokey the dog was rescued from a fire. His owner had chained him to a tree and he couldn’t escape the flames. The firefighters who responded to the fire were able to find the dog and cut the chain but it had already suffered severe third degree burns. Smokey was immediately rushed to a local animal hospital to treat the burns on his body.


Smokey the dog reunited with Dr. Latimer

Smokey was treated at the Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Jupiter, Florida for two months while he recovered from his burns. One of the employees at the center, Dr. Katelyn Thomas, adopted Smokey as her own dog. But during his time at the center, he was treated and cared for by Dr. Latimer, who formed a bond with the canine.


Smokey showing his appreciation and affection

Nine months after the fire, Smokey is living a happy and relaxing life. Smokey was even chosen as the lead dog in the annual animal rescue walk for the city of Jupiter. It was during this time that he was able to see Dr. Latimer again after several months. In a video that was posted online, we see Smokey and Dr. Latimer reunited. The dog obviously remembered the doctor very well and he was keen on showing his affection and appreciation to the vet that had treated him.

The social media post of the reunion of Dr. Latimer and Smokey has since gone viral, being shared and liked hundreds of ties. Dr. Latimer said that it was good to see Smokey again and that the dog was healthy and happy.

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Dog Finally Meets Vet That Saved Him from Severe Burns

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