Dog Gets New 3D Printed Skull After Surgery

Patches the dog gets new 3-D printed skull after tumor surgery

A dog named Patches got another lease on life when he was given a brand new skull. The dog had brain cancer and had to have an operation to remove the tumor. But this meant that a large part of the canine’s skull had to be removed. To replace the bone in his skull, the bone was made from a 3-D printer. It is the first time that 3-D printing technology was used to create a skull of a dog.


Patches with a tumor on his head

The 9-year old dog had a tumor that was pushing dangerously close to her brain and her eye socket. So veterinarians and doctors had to create a plate to replace over 70 percent of her skull that was removed along with the tumor. X-rays and scans allowed doctors to create an exact replica of Patches’ skull. The plate that was created with 3-D printing was made out of titanium. Thanks to the procedure, they were able to save the life of Patches.


Patches after the operation

Aside from the 3-D printing technology, the life of the dog was also saved thanks to the doctors and surgeons that worked on the tumor. One of the surgeons was from the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College and the other surgeon was from Cornell University in New York. They had teamed up to work on the procedure together. According to reports, Patches is recovering well and she is in full health. She is also reportedly cancer free.

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Dog Gets New 3D Printed Skull After Surgery

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