Dog Given Up By Owners Loses 67 Pounds

Dog in Alberta loses a lot of weight to live a healthier happier life

Earlier this year, a dog named Kai was dropped off in a Clinic in Onoway, Alberta. According to the staff, the dog was dropped off at the clinic because he weighed 173 pounds. The dog was so overweight that he could barely stand on his four feet. Instead of putting the dog to sleep, the clinic contacted The Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue. They in turn, contacted the person that they thought could help, and this person was Pam Heggie. Heggie adopted Kai in hopes of getting him back in shape.


Kai started being severely overweight

“He was just so heavy. Everything was work. He panted even just moving around the house,” said Heggie, “I worried he would just have a heart attack or something and just be dead.” And so Heggie placed Kai on a very strict diet and started walking him every day and took him to the vet every week. The exercise started with short walks around the house but it eventually progressed to a treadmill underwater, and eventually a dog park. The training was documented on social media.


Through diet and exercise, Kai lost 67 pounds

Eventually Kai was able to work off more around 67 pounds. He lost so much weight that people that knew Kai couldn’t recognize him after a few weeks.  “Probably once or twice a week somebody says, ‘Oh, is this Kai? Or I’ve seen him online but I’ve never got to meet him,’” said Heggie, “He’s a pretty popular guy.”

“He is truly the happiest dog in the world,” said Heggie. “I haven’t lost an ounce, but he’s done remarkably well. He is a totally different dog now.”

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Dog Given Up By Owners Loses 67 Pounds

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