Dog Groomer Gives Free Haircuts to Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

New York City animal groomer provides free haircuts for shelter dogs to be adopted.

As an animal groomer in New York City, Mark Imhof has been getting a lot of work. So much so that he is actually known as “The Dog Guy”. But that doesn’t stop him from finding ways to give back to the dog community. His services are more than just to trim and cut hair and fur. It also entails a bath and sometimes, a complete makeover. So Imhof started to offer his services for free, especially for shelter dogs, to help them look better and improve their chances of being adopted.


A puppy makeover.

The idea first came to Imhof when he adopted his first dog, a pit bull, with his fiancé. According to Imhof, the pit bull looked down and out when she was brought home. But after a simple shower, the dog seemed to come to life and had a renewed energy about her. Imhof started thinking that this could be applied to other shelter animals. If they could get groomed and taken care of properly, they would have a better chance of finding a home. Since then, Imhof has offered his services for free to several puppies in the New York Area.


Before and after grooming.

And Imhof’s idea has actually worked. Most of the dogs that he has groomed have now found loving families. The project has been going on for the past two years, and the demand for these canine makeovers has been continuous.  Most of the dogs that are still waiting for adoption can be found at the Animal Care Centers of New York City.

“The shelter workers and other incredible volunteers and foster parents of the animals all love to help get the animal looking better so it can find its furever (forever) home,” Imhof said.

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Dog Groomer Gives Free Haircuts to Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

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