Dog is not Happy He Has To Move his Seat For the Baby

Boxer is not happy giving up his car seat to the new baby

Some dogs think that they are part of the family. In fact, some dogs think this so much that they actually believe that they are human. Not only do they act and behave like a human, but they also feel entitled to the perks and rights of a person. That’s exactly how this dog felt about a situation when it was time to take a trip on the family car. When it was time to load up the family fan with the new baby, the boxer felt a little hurt that he had to move for the newest member of the family.


Nacho the Boxer

A Boxer named Nacho gas been with his family for a few years now and he has been the focus of attention of a young couple, until they had a baby. Nacho didn’t have a problem with the newest member of his pack. That is until they went on a road trip. The dog was forced to move out of his usually space on the car seat to make room for the baby, and he did not look happy about it. So much so, that his owner, Jillian Harris, took a photo of the dog.


Nacho is not amused

“The other day I took Nacho with me to run some errands and he decided the best place for him to sit was in Leo’s car seat,” says Jillian Harris on her post, “and he didn’t want to move! Proof that this guy really does think he’s a human!” Harris posted Nacho’s photo on social media, where it quickly went viral.

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Dog is not Happy He Has To Move his Seat For the Baby

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