Dog Kisses Fireman Who Rescues Him From Roof

A dog kisses his firefighter rescuer after being rescued from a roof

In Maine, a dog that was stuck on a roof was rescued by the local fire department. The dog didn’t shy away from showing his appreciation and gratitude and was photographed kissing the fire fighter that had rescued him from his predicament. The photos of the kissing dog have been shared on social media where it quickly went viral.


A dog was stuck in a roof in Wells, Maine

A dog had been stuck in a roof and the fire department from a town in Wells, Maine was called in to rescue the canine. Several of the neighbors had seen the dog and phoned in the authorities for some help. When the firefighters got to the roof and rescued the stuck dog, the husky didn’t hesitate to show his affection for his would-be rescuers.

“The dog was pacing back and forth on the overhang over the porch,” said Captain Jeff Nawfel, of the Wells Maine Fire Department, “It didn’t look very distressed.” It was Captain Nawfel who climbed up to the roof and carried the dog back inside of the house after opening a window screen. It was here that the dog decided to give him several licks, or what others might call dog kisses.


Firefighter rescuer gets kisses as thanks

Captain Nawfel says that he has received several thanks and gratitude from the people he has rescued, but this was the first time in his career that he was thanked by kisses. The husky was reported to be doing fine and the owners are now looking into how to cut off access to the roof so that this won’t happen again in the future.

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Dog Kisses Fireman Who Rescues Him From Roof

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