Dog Leads Woman to Dog Shop Every Time

Dog leads her master to a dog store every time they go out shopping

We all know that dogs will do almost anything for a treat or a snack. But this pooch has found a way around the system and get a treat even before he does anything. Earlier this week, a man shared a story on social media about his blind sisters’ guide dog would lead her to a dog store each time they go shopping. The hilarious post has since gone viral and has been seen and shared hundreds of times.


The clever guide dog leading his master to a dog shop

In the post we see this one guide dog take his blind owner to a dog shop named “Cool Dog Gear”. It seems that dog has been sneakily leading his master to this shop every time they go shopping. His antics were recorded by his master’s brother where he shared the funny story on social media. There have since been several comments about the clever dog and how he was able to visit favorite store and have his master unaware of his antics.


Despite his antics, the dog is very loving and loyal

A video and pictures of the naughty pup was posted on Twitter by Michele Sykora. It shows her sister, Danielle, being guided into the dog shop that is filled with dog treats.  “My sisters’ guide dog always sneakily walks her into this store without her knowing! I love dogs, man” he wrote on his post. According to Michele, even though this mischievous dog does this every time they go shopping, the dog is very loyal and loving to his sister. They consider him a member of their family and they brush off this behavior as something to laugh about.

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Dog Leads Woman to Dog Shop Every Time

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