Dog Left Behind at Shelter with Heartbreaking Note

This abandoned poodle was found at a shelter with a heartbreaking note

Earlier this week, a dog was found abandoned at a local animal shelter in Houston, Texas. The dog was a poodle named Lee, and it was abandoned outside of Harris County Animal Shelter over the Memorial Day Weekend. According to reports, the 1-year old dog was left inside a crate in the parking lot of the shelter. Inside the crate was a heartbreaking note from its previous owner.


Lee before and after he was found

“Can you please take care of my dog? He’s a great puppy, I just couldn’t afford to keep him. His name is Lee. He will listen, he will bark, and will not bite. Please don’t put him down I love him, but can’t afford to keep him. I haven’t shaved him yet. I apologize, but please care for him and find him a home. Thanks.” said the note.

According to the shelter, Lee’s fur was matted and he was covered in urine when the shelter workers found him. The dog seemed scared and wary. It turns out that Lee is not the only pet that was abandoned during the holiday weekend. Over 100 animals were left at the shelter last week. This can be a bit of a problem because the shelter now has close to 375 pets when they are only capable of holding around 150. The rise in abandoned pet can be attributed to financial hardship brought about by the recent hurricanes in the area.


Lee the poodle will be adopted by the end of the month

But this story ends well for Lee. According to his foster guardian, Lee is very smart and affectionate and has a great personality. Two families have already been interested in adopting Lee. By the end of the month, Lee is sure to find a permanent home with a new family.

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Dog Left Behind at Shelter with Heartbreaking Note

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