Dog Named Duke Loves to Skydive

This dog loves to skydive and is well on his way to getting his own skydiving license

There are many things that dog owners do to their dogs that are made for humans. Most people bring their dogs to work, while others bring their dogs along with their favorite hobbies or activities. As an ex-military skydiving instructor, Alex Coker wanted to bring his dog Duke along with everything he did as well, and that included sky diving. Because of this, Duke is in line to be the first dog with an official license to skydive.


Alex Coker and Duke skydiving

Coker has taken his 76-pound pet dog Duke on four skydives at West Tennessee Skydiving. Aside from being the first dog to skydive at West Tennessee, there are also a few things that make Duke special. Duke is a big dog, bigger than the dogs that are usually taken for skydiving. And Duke is not a trained animal for skydiving, he just really enjoys it. According to Coker, he can tell that his dog loves skydiving because his ears stick straight up. He also says that the dog loves to stick his head out of the window during car rides.


Alex with Duke on the ground

With four jumps under his belt, Duke only has 21 jumps to go before he can become the very first certified dog skydiver. This means that Duke can technically go skydiving by himself. Of course, that is incredible unlikely and impossible. For one, Duke does not have the digits needed to pull the ripcord and steer his parachute. Coker also says he won’t let that happen because he “loves him too much to let him do it alone.”

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Dog Named Duke Loves to Skydive

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