Dog Promised All Kinds of Treats and Gifts for Unlocking House Door

Dog to get 10,000 treats and a swim for helping his owner back in the house

When it comes to giving your dogs treats, it usually comes after the dog has give you something or did something for you. But in this case, it is actually the dog that was promised an entire load of treats and gifts for doing one simple thing: letting her master into the house after she had accidentally locked herself out with the keys still inside.


Sam the dog inside the locked house

In a video that has since gone viral. We see a woman asking a dog to get a stick out of a sliding door so that she can back inside. She can be heard encouraging her dog Sam to dig and scoop the stick out of the notch of the sliding door. She also added a caption on the video that calls herself a dumbass for locking herself out of her own house.


The woman who locked herself out of her house

“I just need him to take it out, there’s like this wooden rod and he has to take it out of there because it freaking slipped!” she says in the video. She can later be seen encouraging her smart dog as he digs and digs at the rod. Eventually the dog gets the stick and they both jump around and celebrate inside the house with the stick still in Sam’s mouth. She can be heard exclaiming “I love you! You’re going to get 10,000 treats!” while petting the dog.

Later in the video, we also see how Sam is immediately rewarded by getting some swimming time in the swimming pool with a chew toy. “Best savior dog ever!” she explains as Sam dives in the pool.

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Dog Promised All Kinds of Treats and Gifts for Unlocking House Door

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