Dog Provides Support for Boston Marathon Runners

Dog provides support for Boston Marathon runners in the sidelines.

The Boston marathon is one of the toughest marathon races. During the race, spectators can stay by the sidewalk and encourage and inspire the runners, especially the ones that they know. But this adorable dog stayed out in the rain just so that he could support the runners during the marathon. The photos of the dog sitting on the sidelines were posted on social media where it quickly went viral.


Spencer the therapy dog

The dog that provided encouragement was named Spencer. The video of the dog was posted by his owner Rich Powers on twitter. The dog was clad in a rain jacket and he even had two flags in his mouth. The flags had the words “Boston Strong” written on them. When he’s not providing encouragement to runners, Spencer acts as a therapy dog.

“We were there to motivate and judging by the faces we saw running, it was a success,” Powers said in an interview. Powers also said that he received a lot of positive feedback from runners. One runner even screamed “I love him!” as she passed by the dog. The video and photos of Spencer has since been shared and viewed thousands of times on social media.


Spencer at the sidewalk encouraging runners of the Boston marathon

The Boston Marathon an annual marathon ran in Boston, Massachusetts. The race is organized by the Boston Athletic Association and draws at least 30,000 runners each year from all over the world. The start starts in Hopkinton and ends at the John Hancock Tower. The very first marathon was held in 1897.

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Dog Provides Support for Boston Marathon Runners

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