Dog Refuses to Leave his Owner as She Gives Birth at Home

A dog refuses to leave the side of her owner as she gives birth in a pool

A dog named Ranger has recently gone viral because of her devotion and loyalty to her owner. The one-and-a-half year old Corgi surprised people after she refused to leave the side of her owner, 35-year old Brooke Ellington. Ellington was at her pool at her home to give birth to her daughter, Berkeley. Through the labor and all that came afterwards, Ranger never left her side.


Ranger guarding her owner Brooke Ellington

The moments were captured by Kristin Water, who was hired to document the birth of Ellington’s daughter during a water birth in Midland, Texas. While they were perusing through the photos, they realized that Ranger was in almost all of the pictures. She would not leave the side of Ellington all throughout the birthing process.

It has been four months since the birth, and Corgi has been nothing but loving towards the new baby. In fact, she has now taken over the post of guarding the baby and refuses to leave her side. She even shows affection by showering the baby with kisses or dog licks. Brooke has two sons, 5-year old Boone, and 3-year old Boyd, with her husband Steven.


Ranger looks at newly born baby Berkely

“Even though Ranger was extra attentive during my pregnancy with Berkeley, it still came as a surprise to see how close he was to me during my labor,” said Ellington, “He’s always been my little buddy and now he’s Berkeley’s.  He follows her everywhere and keeps his eyes on her. The moment she was born, he jumped up on the birth pool and I introduced him to his little sister.”

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Dog Refuses to Leave his Owner as She Gives Birth at Home

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