Dog Returned For Being Too Nice Finds a Home

Dog that was returned to a shelter for being too nice finds a home.

A dog named Helena thought that she finally found a family that would accept her when she was adopted from the shelter. But soon after getting adopted, the dog was returned for the absurd reason of being “too nice”. Her owner wanted an aggressive watchdog, and Helena is not that at all. But just when they thought Helena would never find a home, she finally found someone who wanted her for being the lovable and friendly dog that she always was.


Helena was returned for being “too nice”

The 4-year old puppy was returned in an Atlanta Shelter for being too nice. The man that adopted the dog wanted an aggressive dog and Helena was a good-natured dog. Anyone that would approach the dog would be more likely to get smothered in licks than get bitten. The man who gave her back suggested that Helena would be better off with someone else because he wasn’t into the “that petting stuff”. Luckily, Helena found someone that would be able to appreciate her loving nature.


Luckily, Helena found a family that would love her

Helena was given back on a Monday, and by Wednesday of the same week, she was able to find a permanent home. A couple found her personality perfect and got opted to adopt her. The shelter staff loved Helena so much that they even nicknamed her “Velcro dog” because she never left your side. But even with their feelings towards Helena, they were still happy that they were able to finally find a family and a home for the lovable dog.

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Dog Returned For Being Too Nice Finds a Home

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