Dog Returns to Normal After Saying Goodbye to Friend

Depressed dog is finally able to move on from losing her friend and master

Earlier this year, Julia Beaulieu tragically lost her husband in a sudden heart attack. Beaulieu and her family were dealing with their loss, but their 13-year old dog Sadie was also devastated that she lost her best friend. After a period of depression, the dog was finally able to say goodbye to her master at the funeral. Now the dog is slowly getting back to her usual routines and she is starting to live a normal life.


Sadie was depressed for a while after losing her best friend

Sadie was able to say goodbye to her master in a heartbreaking moment at the funeral when she was allowed to visit her best friend’s casket. The moment of a dog saying goodbye to her owner was captured in a picture. According to Julia, when her husband passed away at their home, Sadie was there and he wouldn’t leave his side. After his death, the dog showed signs of depression. She would not eat and waited for him to come home every day.


Sadie saying goodbye at the funeral

“She hadn’t eaten since he passed, so I thought by letting her see inside the coffin and seeing him there, maybe it was going to give her some closure as it did for me,” she said. Julia believes that Sadie was finally able to say goodbye to her friend at the funeral and get some closure. After 10 days of mourning and losing 10 pounds, Sadie was finally able to her normal routine. The next few days at home saw Sadie going back to her normal everyday activities and move on with her life.

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Dog Returns to Normal After Saying Goodbye to Friend

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