Dog Reunites with Owner After Three Years

Stray dog reunites with owner after several years

Earlier this week, there has been a new viral video of a dog that is reunited with his master after three long years. It was a long time for his master, but it was even longer for the dog that waited 21 dog years for the reunion. In the video, we see the dog crying when he realizes that he has been reunited with his owner, which makes it even more bittersweet to see the two see each other.


Jorge the dog was lost for three entire years

It all started in 2015, when 62-year old Giorgi Bereziani, of Tbilisi, Georgia, lost his best friend and pet, Jorge. He searched for three entire years, combing the streets and even putting up flyers, but Jorge was nowhere to be found. Then recently, Giorgi received a call from workers of an opera house saying that they saw a dog in the area that had matched Jorge’s description. Giorgi quickly hopped on a bus to get to the place.


Jorge finally reunited with Gorgi

When he saw the black and white dog lying near a tree, he knew it was Jorge. The dog had a yellow tag on his ear, which means he had been picked up by animal control services, had been vaccinated and released back in the streets. “Jorge, is that you?” Giorgi said, “Jorge, it’s you! Oh, dear boy, how are you, boy?”

At first the dog didn’t recognize the voice that was calling him. But when he finally realized that it was his former master, he was beside himself, sobbing and wagging his tail and eventually jumping all over Giorgi. He had finally been reunited with his family and he was finally going home.

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Dog Reunites with Owner After Three Years

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