Dog Rides Scooter in Shiggy Challenge

Border Collie Riding a Scooter Is the Latest 'Shiggy Challenge' Star

The “Shiggy Challenge” has extended to other species now. The latest star to pull off the viral dance craze has been a 7-year old Border collie named Supra. The video of the dog doing the shiggy has been viewed and shared thousands of times and has gone viral. Some people have even declared the dog as the official winner of the challenge.


Supra the Border collie doing the Shiggy

In the video, we see Supra dancing just outside a car door. The dog even rides a scooter as the song “In My Feelings” by Drake plays in the background as per the challenge. The entire video was set up by Supra’s owners, Gabriel Gomez and his wife Ana Guzman. They were outside of the car, just out of view, instructing the dog on what to do.


Supra riding a scooter during the challenge

“We just wanted to be part of the challenge in a funny and cute way,” Gabriel Gomez said. “We love our girl so much.” Both Gomez and Guzman are actually professional dog trainers and canine behavior specialists. They also own a Texas-based dog training company named Unstoppable K9’s. While the entire video only took a few minutes to shoot, Guzman said that it actually took several months of training to teach Supra all the moves and guiding the dog on what to do. Even while shooting the video, the dog had to be led by treats.

The Shiggy Challenge, also known as the “In My Feelings” challenge is the latest viral dance craze that involves dancing by the side of a car as it moves to the tune of the infamous Drake song.

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Dog Rides Scooter in Shiggy Challenge

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