Dog Steals the Show at Owners Wedding

Joyful dog steals the show at his owner’s wedding

When Jayce Conway and Angie Blumberg got engaged, they knew that they would somehow have their dogs with them for the ceremony. So when they tied the knot recently in Big Sky, Montana, they made sure to add their dogs to the pictures. But what they didn’t expect was that their dog would actually steal the show from them in the biggest day of their lives.


Boone stealing the show at the wedding

In a picture that has since gone viral, we see a six-year old canine named Boone rolling around on the ground in front of the happy couple. The photo was shared on social media where it has been liked and shared several times. Angie said that the picture was taken during the opening prayer, and everyone had a laugh when the dog jumped around for joy and started rolling around in the ground.

“He’s a really well-trained dog,” Jayce said in an interview. “I planned for him to stand between me and my brother.” But while there were plans for when the dogs would figure into the ceremony, it seemed that Boone had other plans. When the dog saw Angie, he couldn’t contain his excitement and decided to play around in the ground.


Jayce Conway and Angie Blumberg posing with their dogs

When Boone was rolling around and having so much fun, that’s when one of the photographers captured the happy canine in several photos. In fact, there have been several people who have said that the dog was one of the highlights of the wedding. It goes without saying that Boone stole the show from Jayce and Angie’s big wedding day.

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Dog Steals the Show at Owners Wedding

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