Dog Survives Flooding by Floating On Sofa For A Week

Dog in North Carolina floats on a sofa for an entire week

There have been a lot of stories about the miracles and acts of kindness during the horrible disaster that was left behind by the Hurricane Florence. Such stories are born out of the many challenges and trials that people had to deal with after the storm. The same can be said about the animals that have also been affected by the recent super storm.


Soche the dog being rescued from her home

One such example is with a small dog named Soshe. Soche was a Maltese terrier and she was left behind in her home by her owners in North Carolina. The flood waters had climbed to such as level that the house where Soche lived was practically submerged. But thankfully, she was rescued earlier this week. When they found her, she survived the waters by getting on a floating sofa for more than a week.


Soche survived by staying on a floating sofa

The group that had rescued the poor dog was the Humane Society of Missouri. According to the organization, they found the dog after it was left stranded in a flooded house in North Carolina for several days. The rescue was recorded in a video and uploaded to YouTube. In the video, we can see the Society’s Disaster Response Team breaking down the front door of a submerged home to rescue Soshe.

The rescue of Soche is just one of many rescue operations for the animals in the states that were struck by the storm. There are already an estimated 5,000 pigs and 3 million chickens that perished from the storm. There are also several pets that have been left behind and abandoned because of the storm that need to be rescued.

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Dog Survives Flooding by Floating On Sofa For A Week

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