Dog That was To Be Put To Sleep is Saved and Becomes a Champion

A dog that was supposed to be euthanizes becomes competition champion

Millie Sawyer has saved more than 70 dogs from being euthanized. But one canine has been making the news because of what she has been doing with her second chance. Stitch is an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. She was a day away from being euthanized. Thankfully, Sawyer was there to rescue her from a cruel fate. According to Sawyer, they got to Stitch at the very last minute.


Stitch the American Staffordshire Terrier mix

Millie Sawyer has been rescuing dogs for the past 30 years for Habitat for Paws. She was the one that helped Stitch find a home with Kaitlyn Johnson late last year. Johnson introduced Stitch to the sport of fly ball. The sport is a short course where dogs race through an obstacle course or a track. But while playing the sport, Johnson clocked Stitch with a time of 4.117 seconds, which was the fastest time in the Staffordshire class.


Stitch is a champion at fly ball

“I turn around and my whole team at that point is screaming,” Johnson remembers. She says that since then, she has entered Stitch in many competitions, many of which she has won. The lesson here is that you should never give up on any life, and that everyone has the potential to be whatever they want, even dogs. Many families did not adopt Stitch because of her breed, but she has shown the world what she can do.

“Every time I set a goal for her it seems like she just leaps over it,” said Johnson.

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Dog That was To Be Put To Sleep is Saved and Becomes a Champion

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