Dog Visits Older Friend Every Day

Jackson the dog walks four blocks everyday to visit his canine friend, Tommy.

Jenny Termolen had lived with her family in Illinois for most of her life. But recently, she had to move with her family and the family’s dog, Tommy, to a town in upstate New York. It was an adjustment for all of them, and they wanted to acclimatize to the area as soon as possible. Little did they know that one of the first to gain a friend in the local neighborhood would be their dog, Tommy.


Jackson patiently waiting for Tommy to come out and play.

It all started when Termolen was running errands in town and she suddenly received a text from her son saying that there was a shaggy dog that had appeared in their house. She went home and saw that the dog was friendly. She read the collar and found out that the dog was named Jackson and lived just a few blocks away. He led the dog out so he could go home. But then the very next day, he saw Jackson again. It took them quite some time to realize that Jackson was visiting their own dog Tommy.


Jackson and Tommy playing in the snow.

“Usually when he comes for a visit, he stops by the front door first and gives one or two polite barks,” said Termolen. “If no one answers the front door, he will either try to go through the garage if it is open or go around through the backyard to the back deck, and will give barks at each door. I usually just let him in the house or let Tommy out.” Jackson is only 5 years old, but Tommy is the ripe old age of 16. One of Termolen’s biggest worries is when Jackson comes over and Tommy will no longer be there.

“They have a nice, sweet friendship,” Termolen said. “It will be heartbreaking when it is over. I am not sure I will able to maintain composure when Jackson visits and Tommy is no longer here to greet him.”

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Dog Visits Older Friend Every Day

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