Dog Walks in During Live Weather Report

Dog surprises weather man when she walks on set during weather news forecast

Some people would say that the most uninteresting portion of the news is the weather report. This is why most news stations have a lot of gimmicks and props to make the news segment much more interesting and entertaining. But for this news station, their news program was unintentionally spiced up when a dog walked in during the live weather report.


A dog walks on set during a weather forecast report

Meteorologist Josh Judge of the news station WMUR was in the middle of making his weekend weather forecast when a dog walked on set and in his shot. Judge tried his best to go along with the interruption and even made a joke of his unintended co-host. “It’s not the dog days of summer just yet,” he quipped. The dog was Bella, who was owned by Judge’s co-anchor Amy Coveno. It seems that Coveno had lost track of her dog and didn’t realize that she had walked straight into the weather report.


Bella the dog was taken into the station by an anchor for a story

“I had no idea she had brought the dog to work, so when Bella walked behind me, it was a complete surprise to see it in the monitor,” Judge said in an interview. Judge also explained that Coveno had brought her dog Bella in for work for one of her stories, but she had gotten away from her handlers and strolled right in as the live report was taking place. But it seems that viewers didn’t mind seeing a dog in their weather news forecast. In fact, it may even have raised the ratings of the show. Pictures and videos of the news report with Bella have spread online and have gone viral.

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Dog Walks in During Live Weather Report

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