Dog Walks Wedding Aisle as Flower Girl

Bride walks down the aisle with her dog best friend as the flower girl.

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. But they can also be a woman’s BFF. Just ask this bride who decided to include her canine best friend to be a part of one of the most important days of her life. Earlier this week, this woman who was about to get married decided that she wanted her dog to be the flower girl at her wedding.


Briana Schaefer and her golden retriever Norah.

Briana Schaefer from Chicago wanted her dog Norah, to become the flower girl at her wedding. They placed a wreath of roses around the neck of the golden retriever so she could take part in the festivities. The 4-year old dog stole the show as she walked down the aisle while wagging her tail. Norah was very well behaved and had a shiny combed coat for the ceremony. When Norah got to the altar, she patiently lay down on the floor beside Schaefer as she got married.

“She’s just part of the family,” Schaefer said before the ceremony. Her close friends and family just assumed Norah would be part of the nuptials. “I treat her like a daughter,” she said. “Everyone thought it was cute. She goes everywhere with me.”


Norah the four-legged flower girl.

Schaefer posted the pictures of Norah being part of the wedding on social media. There was a lot of positive feedback, and this could very well trigger a trend of four-legged flower girls for future weddings. Aside from being Briana’s best friend, Norah is also a certified therapy dog. She does volunteer work with Schaefer for a local organization.

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Dog Walks Wedding Aisle as Flower Girl

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