Dog Wins Dog of the Year After Saving Owner from Rattlesnake

Golden retriever wins dog of the year award for rescuing owner from snake

A golden retriever was crowned as the “Milk-Bone Dog of the Year” for his heroic actions when he saved a woman from a rattlesnake. The dog was given the award at the 8th Annual Streamy Awards in Beverly Hills, California. The awards ceremony honored and celebrated online videos, and recognized online directing, acting, producing, and writing.


Todd the golden retriever after being bitten by a rattlesnake

The golden retriever was 6-month old Todd. Todd placed himself between his owner Paula Godwin and a gray-speckled rattlesnake. The pair was walking near their home in Arizona when they encountered the snake. Because of the dog’s actions, he was bitten in the face and spent 12 hours in an animal hospital. Thankfully, the dog survived and was released to go home. Todd still has some swelling in his face but that will eventually go down.

Godwin posted the heroic actions of Todd on social media where it was spread and shared several times, quickly going viral. Milk-Bone took notice of Todd and his courage and sent the dog a care package while he recovered from his wounds. According to Milk-Bone, the award is designed to “celebrate bravery, overcoming obstacles, strong personality and loyalty traits that make all dogs truly special”.


Todd after recovering from the hospital

“We created this honor because we believe that dogs deserve to be honored in the same way humans are honored,” said Milk-Bone senior brand manager Jonathan Rodgers, “We are thrilled that fans voted for Todd to win the first ever Milk-Bone Dog of the Year Honor. Todd truly embodies the qualities associated with this honor and goes above and beyond by providing comfort and happiness to all of those around him.”

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Dog Wins Dog of the Year After Saving Owner from Rattlesnake

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