Dog with Four Amputated Legs Wins American Hero Dog Award

Golden Retriever named Chi Chi wins the American Hero Dog Award

When Chi Chi was still a young dog, she was left for dead in a dumpster in South Korea. Her legs were bound and rotting and she would have died. But thankfully she was rescued from that fate. Her legs could not be saved and all four limbs had to be amputated for her to live. But because of everything she had to go through is being honored in her new home.


Chi Chi the Golden Retriever had all four limbs amputated

Around 8-10 inches were removed from each leg. But now, four years later, Chi Chi is able to walk on all fours thanks to specially designed prosthetics. Her journey and bravery caught the attention of the Hero Dog Awards was recognized as the American Hero dog Award this year. Chi Chi even walked the red carpet at the awards in Beverly Hills, where she wore a sparkling collar and rhinestones on her prosthetic limbs.


Chi Chi wins the American Hero Dog Award

“She was really in her element,” said her owner Elizabeth Howell, “She had a great time.” Chi Chi was adopted by Elizabeth and Richard Howell in Arizona. The Howells have three other rescue dogs. Howell said that despite the struggle of losing her legs and nearly dying, she has made the most of her second chance in America. Chi Chi’s prosthetic legs are specially designed for each leg. They were designed by Derrick Campana of Animal Ortho Care, a company that creates prosthesis for all kinds of animals.

“She only wears them during the day, so we put them on in the morning, and then we take them off at night,” Howell said. “Sometimes, if she has a lot of activity during the day, we might take them off and let her rest without them.” she added.

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Dog with Four Amputated Legs Wins American Hero Dog Award

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