Dog with Heart Shaped Nose Goes Viral

Internet falls in love with Dalmatian with heart-shaped nose

The internet has fallen in love with a Dalmatian with one of the cutest features. This little puppy has a heart shaped nose. This dog is from Denver, Colorado named Wiley. His owner Lexi Smith said that the dog has always had the heart-shaped mark on his nose. The dog is a Dalmatian with white fur and dark spots. Wiley has a dark spot on his nose exactly shaped like a heart.


Wiley and his heart-shaped nose

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to stick because the top left part of it was a somewhat detached spot.” But Wiley kept the adorable feature even as he got older. The puppy’s pictures were posted online where he quickly went viral. The dog already has a huge following with more than 1,000 followers on Instagram. Smith is aware that her dog is an online celebrity and regularly posts pictures of the dog. So far the pictures that have the most likes are close up of Wiley and his adorable heart-shaped mark.


Wiley is an online celebrity with thousands of followers on social media

“Everyone notices the heart,” Ms Smith said. “Can’t take him anywhere without being mobbed, but he loves all the attention. He is cute and he knows it. He is a stubborn little sweetheart full of sass and constantly making me laugh. He is a cuddle bug when he wants to be, but when he is ready to play, you better be ready to, too.”

Dalmatians are born white as young puppies and develop their spots a few weeks after birth. The dog gets its name from a region in Croatia once called Dalmatia, where the dog was first bred.

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Dog with Heart Shaped Nose Goes Viral

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