Dogs From All Over the World Compete in Surfing Competition

Dogs compete in California to be the best surfing canine

Last week, dogs from all over the world congregated in California. The dogs were there to compete, but not just in any dog show, they were there to compete in surfing. They were there to take part in Huntington Beach’s Surf City Surf Dog competition. The competition is known as one of the biggest surfing competitions in the world, and they are known for hosting surfing competition for dogs.


Dogs take part in the Huntington Beach’s Surf City Surf Dog competition

Last week was the 10th annual competition in California. Among the categories that were available included a range of dog surfing events. This includes solo surfing, two dog surfing, and finally, human and dog surfing competition. The competition lasted for the entire weekend and also gave a chance for dog owners to adopt homeless animals. There were also social events where dogs and their owners could trade surf stories.


Dogs from all over the world compete in surfing

Not every dog had their day in the sun with surfing. While some canines were smooth as seasoned vets on their surf board, others couldn’t stay balanced for long. But all the dogs were able to enjoy all the rides because they were equipped with special life vests to make sure that they were safe. Even the dogs that were not spending that much time in the water wore the vests. Dogs are naturally good swimmers, but even some of the best swimmers can struggle with rough and large waves.

For the past decade, more than 500 dogs compete for the title as the best surfing dog. These dogs come from all over the world including counties such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, the UK, and of course, the United States.

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Dogs From All Over the World Compete in Surfing Competition

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