Dogs Love Listening To Reggae

Study shows why dogs prefer to listen to reggae music

Dogs have always been known to have keen hearing, but a recent study shows that canines can actually enjoy music, and they even have a type of music that they prefer to listen to. A recent study has shown that dogs actually enjoy reggae music. This has lead to a new production company to create reggae music and playlists that cater specifically to dogs.


Music can have a calming effect on dogs

The company RelaxMyDog was founded in order to make music and songs that can be relaxing for pets. They found a lot of music that can be calming to dogs and some that can even put them to a relaxed state to fall asleep. The study of how dogs enjoy reggae has even inspired them to create their very own series of dog reggae playlists. According to one of the founders of the company, Amman Ahamed, they wanted to give an alternative to calm pets down, especially during the most ruckus times of the year, such as New Year’s Eve.


While classical music calmed dogs down, Reggae kept them attentive and active

“There are a lot of medications and herbal remedies to calm pets, but I wanted to make something that was 100% natural, through music. We started with a team of two but now we’re 12 people staffed in Manchester in the UK, El Salvador and India, and our audience is equally global. This year, we’re on track for our content to help around 15 million pets.” says Ahamed.

The study that shows that dogs respond to reggae music was conducted by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow. The research showed that classical music had a calming effect on dogs, but after a few days, the dogs became bored. They found that music such as reggae and soft rock reduced stress as well and kept the dogs’ attention.

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Dogs Love Listening To Reggae

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