Family Fakes Ear Meds for Jealous Dog

Jealous dog thinks it needs ear medicine too

A Golden Retriever has gone viral recently because of ear medicine. The dog wasn’t actually being given real ear medicine because there was nothing wrong with his ears. It was his sibling that needed the ear meds, but the dog acted jealous of the attention and affection that he insisted that he be given ear medication also, despite the fact that his ears were healthy. Dogs are can get very jealous, especially if they can see that one canine is getting more attention and care than they are. They can act out and even get aggressive if they feel that they are excluded.


A golden retriever gets ear medication

“My dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too. Nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend…” posted the dog’s owner on Twitter. The short video of both dogs getting ear medication spread on social media and it has since gone viral. People have gushed over how adorable the healthy dog is for seeking the same special attention his sibling is getting, despite not having anything wrong with his ear.


Both dogs were given meds but only one got real medication

Part of an explanation for the jealousy is the fact that the other dog gets special attention and care when the ear meds are being applied. There is also a relaxing and lengthy ear massage that is given to the puppy after the medication is applied. So the owners of the dog gave in to the demands of the other dog. Although they just pretended to give the dog meds, the attention and ear massage was genuine enough to please the canine.

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Family Fakes Ear Meds for Jealous Dog

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