Fastest Pug in the World Wins Race

Pug dog wins third straight race in Berlin Festival

Earlier this week, several dogs participated in Berlin’s Annual Pug race. Entering the competition, one of the favorites to win the race was 4-year old pug named Emma. Dubbed as the queen of pugs, she won the tournament in 2016 and 2017. And in true form, Emma once again defended her title and captured the 2018 title, inspiring a spokesperson to call her the “Usain Bolt of pugs”.


Emma with her third straight Pug Race title

Emma was able to beat out dozens other dogs to win the competition for the fastest pug. She finished the 50 meter dash (around 54 yards) in 5.87 seconds. The owner or Emma, Angela Kaiser, told the media after that the win was good for the breed because it showed dog lovers all over the world that the small pug breed could be athletic and agile as well.


Emma is dubbed the “Usain Bolt of pugs”

Aside from Emma, there were also 70 other pugs that ran the race and attempted to dethrone the queen. But most of them took up to 40 seconds to cross the track. Other dogs were just not as athletic as Emma, but others were also very easily distracted from running the entire track quickly. According to news reports, more than 200 pugs attended the event. Aside from defending her crown, and her third consecutive race win, Emma was also cheered by the crowd at hand as she was handed her medal, a trophy, and a special pillow.

Angela Kaiser did not mention if Emma will be competing again next year and go for an unprecedented fourth straight title, but it looks like she will be the heavy favorite to win the race even if it is an entire year away.

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Fastest Pug in the World Wins Race

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